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Management software

Users can freely build flow chemistry module units in the software according to the application requirement of flow chemistry process. Through the interactive interface, the working status of each module unit is reflected, such as the flow rate, pressure, temperature, detection map, and collected information. At the same time, through the massive experimental data management scheme, experimental development record management scheme, and remote monitoring management scheme to effectively record, track and analyze the process development process. It is the most favorable analysis assistant for flow chemistry researchers.

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    Full process control of reaction system


    The full process control of reaction system makes full use of the functions of each module of flow chemistry. Various parameters of the variable feed module, temperature control module, back pressure regulator, online analysis module and sample acquisition module, and the programmable flow chemistry process method provide the necessary conditions for exploring the best process route.


    Experimental data management scheme

    Taking the process method as a unit, a large amount of experimental basic data is stored, and the basic data is classified and analyzed, so as to provide a data foundation for the researcher to develop the best process route.


    Experiment development record management scheme

    Record the whole process experiment track, including parameter setting, modification, process data tracing, etc., to provide the most beneficial help for method development process developers.


    Remote monitoring management solution

    The management software has a remote monitoring and management function. It can communicate with each module of flow chemistry in real time through communication interfaces such as wifi, LAN, 4G, etc., which facilitates remote monitoring of the module, viewing the module's operating status, and data backup.




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